FRIDAY: National Book Award Winner, La'El Collins Investigation, January 1973, Louisiana Legislative Session, and Religious Freedom


Author Kimberley Willis Holt shares her book Dear Hank Williams which won the National Book Award.  She shares her inspirations for this book and her love for Louisiana.  "At some point she knows he's not going to answer her.  It's almost like a journal to her."

Louisiana Radio Network's Michelle Southern comments on LSU lineman La'El Collins as a person of interest in the investigation of his pregnant ex-girlfriend's homicide.  He was kept out of the first round of drafts.  

"They haven't even said he's not a suspect at this time.  They've just said he's not a suspect," Michelle says.  

Author James Robenalt shares his book January 1973.  Robenalt is a trial lawyer.  He discusses the Vietnam War, Roe Vs. Wade, and the day LBJ died.  "It's so ironic that on the day the Vietnam War is ending, Johnson dies." 


Investigative Reporter Peter Kovacs moved to the Advocate to become the editor after being the editor for the Times Picayune.  He will discuss the newspaper industry. 

Kovacs graduated from Brown University.  He jokes that although Governor Jindal also graduated from Brown, he <Jindal> must have studied harder.  

In the last measurement of newspaper circulations, the Advocate has been deemed the largest Louisiana newspaper.  "I think the Advocate is the only newspaper in America that is growing." 

They discuss the appointment of F. King Alexander as LSU President.  

"We do not intend to endorse," Kovacs says of the four candidates for governor.  

"Edwards was interesting mostly because there were so many chapters of Edwin Edwards," he says, "I think Edwards could have been a great governor." 

Rabbi Barry Weinstein and Reverend David Diamond debate religious freedom, gay rights, and marriage equality.  They each comment on Governor Jindal's support of the Marriage and Conscience Act.  

Diamond agrees with Governor Bobby Jindal that if someone won't come to Louisiana because of the Marriage and Conscious Act, then, "Go somewhere else." 

Weinstein disagrees and says, "In no way are these couples <gay couples> an abomination."