THURSDAY: Louisiana International Film Festival, Council for a Better Louisiana, Louisiana Legislative Session, and LSU Protest


President and CEO of the Council for a Better Louisiana Barry Erwin discusses his opinion of the legislative session and the rally that was led by LSU President King Alexander.  

A clip is played from the protest.  An LSU student speaking at the rally said he did not want to be "collateral damage on a suicide mission for the Presidency.

"We saw this coming a number of years ago," Erwin says of the incoming deficit, "we've found dollars from other places and patched them in there." 

John Bel Edwards was the only candidate for governor who went to the rally at the capitol today.  

Erwin discusses Common Core and completes several math problems on air.  

Executive director and founder of the 
Louisiana International Film Festival and Mentorship Program Chesley Heymsfield and Directer Dan Ireland promotes the festival coming up.  Over 60 films will be show including Obama Mama.  All of the events and screening will be at Cinemark Perkins Rowe May 7-10.    

Ireland and Heymsfield comment on their favorite films.  


Capitol Bureau Chief of the Advocate Mark Ballard discusses the Louisiana Legislative Session and the the rally at the capitol.

They discuss the corporate income tax and tax exemptions.  "We have so many exemptions right now, a lot of corporations are paying little if any taxes."   

Governor Jindal was in Washington D.C. today instead of at the rally at the capitol.  

He says that "Part of the bucket list for conservatives is to spread the taxes paying for public schools to private schools."  

They comment on the religious liberty issue and how Governor Jindal has acted.  Ballard says, "I think he comes by it genuinely." 

The cigarette tax is only increasing 36 cents.  

Political Consultant and Author Gus Weill comments on the rally at the capitol.  "It was such a joy to see the students expressing something other than praise for LSU athletics." 

He shares his opinion on the Baltimore Riots and the funeral of Freddie Gray.  Weill thinks that we are on the brink of racial unrest and war.  

"I think he's a gutsy woman," Weill says of Bruce Jenner, "he had such unbelievable courage to come out in that manner."