WEDNESDAY: President of LSU F. King Alexander, 2016 Presidential Election, Baltimore Riots, and Healthy Living


President of LSU F. King Alexander joins the show to discuss the potential budget cuts to higher education and the effects on the flagship school.  

LSU ranks 46th in the country as what the school spends on its students.  

Only 13% of LSU is funded by the state.  That is a budget of 110 million dollars.  The cuts would bring the budget down to about 28 million dollars.  

He discusses the balancing out the growing TOPS program.  

"Everything needs to be on the table, and everyone needs to pay their fair share," he says, calling the film industry a "questionable investment."

They comment on the march that will take place tomorrow at the Baton Rouge Capital.  

"Tenure is there for professors to challenge society to be a better place... we need to uphold that." 

"We want to be able to invest just enough in our students to create a new economy," Alexander concludes.  

Louisiana spends 7 times more per prisoner than per student.  


Pollster Elliott Stonecipher comments on the Louisiana Legislative Session.  "I think Governor Jindal is going to be exactly as he has been all these years," he says, regarding the raising of taxes.  

"This slow moving crash has been going on for the better part of 8 years," he says of potential higher education cuts.  He says that colleges used to be designed for a specific purpose.  "If you wanted to teach, you went to Northwestern.  If you wanted to be an engineer, you went to Tech." 

He comments on the governor's race and the amount of money each candidate has raised.  

5 months and 26 days until the governor's election.  

JR Ball from comments on the events in his hometown, Baltimore and the Baltimore Orioles vs. Chicago White Sox baseball game that was played in an empty stadium.  

He comments on the rally tomorrow at the State Capital in which LSU students will march around the capital building at 1 pm.  

Authors Justin and Erica Sonnenburg share their book The Good Gut.  They are both professors at Stanford University.  

"The microbes in our gut influence not just digestive health, but fundamental processes in our bodies... metabolism, immune system..." 

Humans used to consume 100-150 grams of fiber per day.  Now a US citizen struggles to consume 15.