MONDAY: Baltimore, La'el Collins, Milk Health Detriments, Louisiana Legislative Session, Americans and Muslims


Investigative Journalist Steven Janis speaks on the riots in Baltimore and the case involving the police officers and Freddie Gray.  He says there's still tension out in the streets, but with the National Guard's presence and the lifted curfew, things are starting to move to normalcy.    

Reporter Glenn Guilbeau, Editor of Tiger Rag Cody Worsham, and Sports and News Director Jeff Palermo comment on the investigation of the murder of La'el Collins' ex-girlfriend.  Palermo says that Collins seemed relieved when the interview was over.  "We know that he's not a suspect, but that's really all we know... As far as the NFL aspect, if he's cleared and never considered a suspect, he'll get lots of offers."  Collins did not get drafted.

Guilbeau says it is possible they will interview La'el again. "They haven't done a paternity test, but people close to the victim think Collins is the father." 

"I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a team sign him this week," says Jeff Palermo.  As a free agent, Collins would look forward to an earlier more lucrative option since he would only have to sign a two year contract as a free agent.  

Author Dr. Alissa Hamilton shares her book Got Milked.  "It is simply not an essential.  Plenty of bodies survive and thrive without milk."  

"Most adults can't digest the lactose in milk," she says.  

She says that milk should be eliminated as a requirement not as an option.  

"3 ounces of sardines contain more calcium than a glass of milk," she says.  "It's simply irresponsible at this point having the dairy food group telling us we have to have three servings of milk."


Tom Aswell of LA Voice discusses the Louisiana Legislative Session.  

John Kennedy State Treasurer endorsed David Vitter for governor.  Aswell says, "I'm baffled.  I really didn't expect that from Kennedy.  In my heart of hearts, I thought he would endorse Jay Dardenne." 

They discuss the governor's upcoming election and each of the four candidates.  

Executive Director of the Louisiana Housing Corporation has resigned after allegedly sending suggestive emails to his female employees.  

Conservative Activist David Horowitz comments on why Americans are fearful of Muslims.  He also comments on the shootings in Texas.  

His new book is the Black Book of the American Left.  

His parents were Marxists.  He was a Black Panther at one point in his life.  

He believes that the United States should have never left Iraq.  "Iraq borders Iran and Syria.  What better place to have a military base?" 

He criticizes President Obama's lack of use of the military.