TUESDAY: Photography, Oklahoma City Bombing, State Treasurer John Kennedy, and Cuba Policy


Photographer Lynsey Addario shares her book It's What I Do.  "I sort of try to start every story with a blank page... but so often it's tragic... very devastating things." 

Addario shares her experiences working in Pakistan and Afghanistan.  She focuses a lot on women's issues.  "Yes, these stories take a toll, but I remember the fact that I was raised in privilege and can leave at any time." 

She speaks about her experience as an American in foreign countries and what the general opinion of Americans is.  "I think people hold a real grudge towards America because of its policies." 

She has one the Pulitzer Prize for her work.  She describes a time in which she was kidnapped and beaten with other journalists.  Addario is currently working on a story about the African migrants.  

Scott Bud Welch is a father of one of the victims of the Oklahoma City Bombing of 1995.  He remembers the tragedy with us today.  He describes the year following his daughter's death.  "I finally came to the conclusion that the day they took Tim McVay from his cage would not be part of my healing process... You cannot go through the healing process as long as you're living with revenge."  He speaks about how his protests against the death penalty allowed him to heal.  

"When your parents die, you go to the hilltop to bury them.  When your children die, you bury them in your heart.  It never goes away," Welch says.  


State Treasurer John Kennedy comments on the budget.  The budget deficit now is projected at 1.8 billion.  The hospitals are short 142 million dollars.  

He is running for reelection.  

We get 50 million dollars in settlement with the tobacco companies per year for the next 8 years.  

Kennedy says, "I'm especially conservative fiscally... I would go to Republicans in a different party and they would help me... so I switched." 


Linguist, Historian, and Author Aviva Chomsky gives her insight on the new policy to do with Cuba.  "Cuba has repeatedly made overtures to try to achieve relations with the United States."  The United States is the only country in the world that has tried to make trade embargoes against Cuba.  

The Cuban American Right Wing is the only section of the United States that Chomsky feels is against relations with Cuba.

"Pretty much every country in Latin America has carried out policies that you or I or the US Government might not like... how do they compare to Cuba's policies?" Chomsky says, asking why the United States is so hostile towards Cuba.  

A caller remarks against her views.