WEDNESDAY: Author Greg Iles, New Orleans Gambit, Feminism and the Restaurant Industry, and BP Oil Disaster


Author Greg Iles comments on his book The Bone Tree.  He shares his experience of a car crash, and how it inspired him to "tell the story the way it should be told" regardless of others' opinions.  It is the second book in a trilogy.  He tried to tell the story as close to the truth as he could write fiction.  

Greg Iles comments on his lead character Penn Cage.  "He's much more of a boy scout than I am."

He speaks on the death of the character Viola Turner.  He is producing a television series of the trilogy with Toby McGuire "I would like to shoot at least half of this show in Concordia parish," Iles says, in hope to sway the people of Louisiana in favor of film tax credits.  

Publisher of the New Orleans Gambit Clancy DuBos joins us to talk about the Louisiana Legislation.  "We are not bringing in enough revenue to meet the annual commitment we have made," DuBos says.  He continues saying that Louisiana should not be selling off assets just to "keep the lights on." 

A listener asks, "Is it really the role of the taxpayer to pay for education?"  


Las Vegas Waitress Britney Bronson shares her article on feminism and the restaurant industry.  She is an English instructor at the UNLV.  She has been a waitress in Las Vegas for four years.  "Often my approach is to make a joke or feign humor at inappropriate behavior," she says of her waitressing job, "because these people are paying my bills I often excuse the treatment."  

Bronson describes a story in which a man asked for her phone number repeatedly to which she declined each time.  The man waited for her until the end of her shift and asked for her phone number for money.  

"When I leave work, work is over," she says, "but ultimately it does create relief." 

She reveals she does not always tell her students of her part time job.  

Former State Senator Dr. Mike Robichaux comments on the BP Oil Disaster.  He identifies as a populist.  He speaks about people who are impacted by illness from being exposed to the BP oil spill, some of which are his patients.  

"The number one thing they had was headache.  The number two thing and most prominent thing is memory loss."  He speaks about a class law suit, but that there is no compensation for individual suits.  

"Rashes were one of the things that they (BP) compensated," Dr. Robichaux says.

Today is the 79th birthday of Glen Campbell.  Rhinestone cowboy was ranked as the number 1 song in 1975.