MONDAY: News Anchor Jean West, Baton Rouge Symphony, Eagles and Tim Teebo, The BP Oil Spill, and Billy Nungesser


One of the first African-American Anchors Jean West comments on her 30 year career and her move to WAFB.  She is from Louisville, KY.  "I think inherently we are all introverted geeks," West says of people in the news.

She recounts the film Broadcast News.  "You have to be prepared," she says, "you have to know a little bit about everything."  

"People find some comfort in knowing a person in a market for awhile," she says of aging as an anchor.  

"I think if you work hard and show that you're doing your best, you can be around for awhile," she says.  

Conductor Tim Muffitt joins the show from the Baton Rouge Symphony.  He discusses the members of the orchestra and their primary jobs, which are often teachers.  This coming Thursday will be the finale of the season.  Their next season begins in September.  

Sports Writer from Philadelphia Mark Kram Jr. comments on the Eagles getting Tim Teebo



Attorney Keith Jones remembers the BP oil spill.  His son Gordon Jones died in the oil spill. "My life is in two parts.  The part before Gordon was killed and the part after Gordon was killed." 

Gordon was about to come home from Deep Water Horizon for the birth of his second son.  "What I take solace in is that the explosion was so big and so strong, those men died instantly." 

"This was not a spill.  Nobody dumped anything overboard.  This was a blowout." 

"No one from BP has ever said that they were sorry Gordon was killed on their rig," Jones says.  

He describes meeting the President of BP America and the exchange they had.  

"Bitterness would show a bit of a character weakness on my part, but there it is.  I'm bitter," Jones says.  

Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser also remembers the BP oil spill.  

Nungesser publicly apologizes for the incorrect report that was put up that those 11 men were found in a capsule.  

He discusses the local oil spills that have happened since and speaks of their local companies taking responsibility.  

Nungesser is a candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana.  He comments on tourism.