WEDNESDAY: Army War College, Louisiana Legislative Session, Lieutenant Governor Candidate John Young, Robert Durst


Colonels Frank Harrar and Warren Wells join us in studio from the Army War College.  They spoke at the LSU law center about sexual harassment prevention in the military.  

"The biggest heroes in my mind are the military families," Wells says, "especially spouses who stay behind to be single parents." 

Author Matt Birkbeck shares his book about Robert Durst.  Durst's wife disappeared in 1982.  Birkbeck reports the strange and erratic behavior of Durst in the 1980s in which he lived among the homeless, dressed as a woman, learned how to dismember bodies, and moved frequently.  

Birkbeck says, "He's got severe psychological problems... which stem back to witnessing his mother's suicide when he was 7."  

He says, "The FBI believes he (Durst) is a serial killer." 

"I would say it's 50/50 that he'll be convicted," Birkbeck says.  

Jeremy Alford of LaPolitics discusses the legislative session.  Alford comments on David Vitter and the SuperPacs.  He also comments on the religious freedom bill.  "This may be the most important bill for Governor Jindal this year," he says. 

Alford gives his opinion on Hillary Clinton's announcement to run for President. 


Jefferson Parish President John Young is running for Lieutenant Governor.  

"People aren't going to come invest in our community if they don't feel safe," he says.  "I became a Republican as a result of Ronald Reagan." 

He discusses how he has been through the BP oil spill, Hurricane Katrina and Gustav, and how this prepares him to be Lieutenant Governor.  

"I'm certainly a proponent of the oil and gas industry." 

Young asserts that he has worked with the sheriff's department and the municipalities surrounding it to help eradicate crime.  "The crime rate in Jefferson Parish is the lowest it's been in 40 years." 

"New Orleans is the magnet that brings them here," he says.  

Political Consultant Gus Weill comments on Governor Jindal and the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.  

"The governor is the closest thing to a king in our country," Weill says.  

Weill comments on Governor Jindal potentially seeking the Republican nomination for the presidency.  "He's not even in a national poll yet," he says.  

They also talk about the legacy of Percy Sledge, the Blues legend who passed away yesterday.  "When a Man Loves a Woman," will have been released 49 years ago tomorrow.