TUESDAY: Head of the Louisiana Municipal Association, John Fred and the Playboys, Anniversary of President Lincoln, and Remembering R&B Singer Percy Sledge


R&B Singer Percy Sledge died in hospice care at his Baton Rouge home just after midnight at the age of 73.  Jim will remember the singer's legacy and will revisit the interview he gave from June 2013.  

Head of the Louisiana Municipal Association Ronnie Harris comments on the budget.  38 million dollars of the budget is allotted for municipalities.  "Taxes equals services," Harris says, "If you don't want taxes that's fine, tell us what services you don't want to have." 

He was the mayor of Gretna for 28 years. 

"Government is not a business.  Government is a service."

Luther Kent and Johnny Palazzotto will remember John Fred and The Playboys on the 10th anniversary of his death.  Palazzotto notes that Judy in Disguise kicked The Beatles out of the number one spot on the charts.  

They also comment on Percy Sledge's legacy.  Kent describes Percy Sledge as a real "gracious" guy.  Palazzotto says he never had an ego problem.  Sledge had 12 children.  


Retired LSU Professor Paul Paskoff will comment on the 150th anniversary of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.  He discusses the importance of Lincoln's legacy and overcoming depression.  "Ignorance of war is the greatest way to influence enthusiasm."  He thinks Lincoln should be rated as the number one president ever.  

Jim discusses Hillary Clinton's announcement to run for President of the United States with Executive Director of Correct the Record 2016 Isaac Wright.  

Correct the Record is the Presidential SuperPac for Hillary Clinton.    

They discuss Benghazi and her email scandal.  He says Hillary Clinton has made all 55,000 pages of her emails public when the state department releases them.  "I think David Vitter is probably the reason why you want to have two email addresses," Wright says.  

Jim plays another clip from the June 2013 interview with Percy Sledge.