THURSDAY: Mayor of Baton Rouge Kip Holden, Louisiana Politics, Governor Jindal, and The Stelly Plan


Mayor of Baton Rouge Kip Holden is running for Lieutenant Governor.  He is the only Democrat running currently.  

He comments on the Miss USA pageant.  "The ratings were the highest they've had in 7 years," Holden says.  The Mayor goes on to say that Donald Trump said that the people of Baton Rouge were the happiest he's ever encountered.  

"The people of Baton Rouge are my best story tellers," Holden says as his greatest asset to show how he has changed things for the better.  "Why not have a Baton Rouge not just adopt a city... why not have an exchange program with volunteers from Baton Rouge?" 

A listener asks about the Mayor's stance against St.George.  He says, "I believe in people being together." 

He shares personal history about his mother.  "Failure is not in my vocabulary... if you don't get your life straight, you're going to meet a dead end... Start talking to your kids." 

He speaks of his collegiate experience.  "You have to apply yourself and ask for help because they are not mind readers." 

The Mayor discusses what to do about film tax credits.  


Representative Vic Stelly joins us to talk about The Stelly Plan and why it was repealed, and what exactly happened in 2009.  

"The most the bracket increase of taxes could affect was $900." Stelly affirms that there is no way people's income taxes could have gone up thousands of dollars.  

They discuss Governor Jindal's reaction to the Stelly Plan.  

Stelly says that the Stelly Plan could never be palatable again.  "It's not fair to tax the poor people on income taxes," he says.  

Rep. Stelly takes questions from listeners regarding various issues of Louisiana including the budget and the coastline.  

He identifies as an Independent.  

He says, "You can't deny the fact that he {David Vitter} is undefeated."