WEDNESDAY: Miranda July, Jim Hawthorne, Loren Scott, Nick BeJeaux and Kaci Yoder


Author Miranda July discusses her book The First Bad Man.  July describes the naivety of her main character which "allows magical things to happen that couldn't happen with a knowing character."  

"Voice of the Tigers" Jim Hawthorne shares his plans for retirement.  He describes his experiences throughout his announcing of LSU sports.  "I was extremely fortunate to start basketball with Dale Brown," Hawthorne says, "It was a great time."  His 91 year old father is a veteran of WWII.  "I just found out today I have a great grandson on the way."

He will be stepping down to spend more time with his father and his grandchildren.  


LSU economist Dr. Loren Scott analyzes the impact of the declining price of oil and gas on the state budget.  Scott comments on the Republican following of the Grover Norquist pledge not to raise taxes.  He also analyzes the ways in which health care and higher education could be mended.  

DIG magazine editor Kaci Yoder and city editor Nick BeJeaux comment on the recent controversial cover featuring an interracial homosexual couple.  Yoder says, "We were looking for something fresh and different," when they happened upon Louisiana Loves.  "The heart of Louisiana Loves is about the humanity."  Yoder reminisces on the environment of conservative Christian schools and how some things are just "not natural." 

"For every person who has a pride flag," Yoder says, "there is a Republican who still believes it's wrong."  She continues, "What's normal has really expanded."