TUESDAY: Philip K. Howard, Alex V. Cook, Andie Mitchell, Andrew Maraniss, Tyler Bridges, and Mike Shepard


Author Philip K. Howard starts the show to discuss his book The Rule of Nobody: Saving America from Dead Laws and Broken Government.    "Change <in politics> almost never comes from the inside." 

Author and LSU Student Media Adviser Alex Cook comments on the Mardi Gras festivities and the growing progressive culture of Baton Rouge.  Jim asks Cook about the impact of the interracial homosexual couple on the cover of a Baton Rouge publication.  He also promotes his band, The Rakers.  

Author and food blogger Andie Mitchell shares her story in her book It Was Me All Along about her 135 lb weight loss.  In response to how she did it, Mitchell says, "It was good old fashioned moving more and eating less... I had to change my whole relationship with eating."  She continues, "So much of what led to me gaining that weight was emotional."  Mitchell describes her surprising resentment in her weight loss process.  She says, "It's hard not to notice in some ways you're more accepted... you come across as a more worthy human being to a lot of people just because you're thinner."  


Author Andrew Maraniss discusses his book Strong Inside: Perry Wallace and the Collision of Race and Sports in the South.   Steve Martin was the first African-American baseball player in the SEC at Tulane in 1965.  Maraniss says that his book is not about scores of games, but about the experience of Perry Wallace and the civil rights movement. 

Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Tyler Bridges shares his opinion on the challenges Governor Jindal will face in his final eleven months in office.  Bridges comments on the controversy surrounding the refusal of the state for the building of another Planned Parenthood on Claiborne Avenue in New Orleans.  His story in the Huffington Post is here.  Bridges comments on his recent story on Bobby Jindal in Politico, "Bobby Jindal's Troubles at Home: What he's not talking about on the campaign trail." 

Executive Director Mike Shepard joins us from the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame.  Elvis Presley is a member.  He breaks the announcement for a new showcase at Baton Rouge Metro Airport; a double sided 13 foot wall 4 inches thick with forty-four gold records and brass plaques dedicated to the members of the Louisiana Hall of Fame.  The showcase will be finished on March 15, 2015.