MONDAY: Charlie Melancon and Bob Mann


Former congressman Charlie Melancon shares his experience working on a campaign for Edwin Edwards.  He was elected for the first time to state office in 1987 just after his father passed away.  He comments on the upcoming governor election.  "I like John Bel tremendously, as a matter of fact, I will support John Bel <Edwards>."  

"We were caught between being fiscal conservatives and leaning to the left socially," Melancon says, "That used to be the trait of Southern Democrats.  We were the ones who got things done."  

Charlie Melancon owned several Baskin Robins.  "When... both parties get up... and they're not mad or totally happy, you've got a good deal," Melancon says of private sector experiences.  "When you have a bad deal in politics, the pubic suffers."

"Our children and our grandchildren are going to suffer because they are going to foot the bill," Melancon says. 

"I believe that balance is best," Melancon says, "no one party is right."  He asserts that there is not one way to fix the debt crisis in our state.  "I believe that balance is best," Melancon says, "no one party is right." 

Lesley Gore dies at 68.  She was 16 when her first hit topped the charts, "It's My Party."   


Professor of Mass Communications at LSU Bob Mann joins the show to discuss the U.S. Presidents he has written about in celebration of President's Day.  He comments on the upcoming governor's race and the prospects of new candidates 8 months and 8 days away from the election.

"No one wants to be associated with Bobby Jindal in this governor's race," Mann says.  "I think Vitter will be attacked on that <prostitution scandal>, but I don't think it will be by any specific candidate." 

"Jindal has no shot to be President of the United States this time around," Mann says.  He thinks the smart move for Governor Jindal's political future would be to officially say he is not running and work on issues in Louisiana.  

"I would not want to be the person that recruits for LSU right now," Mann says.  He comments on the budget cuts to higher education and what this means for the legacy of Governor Jindal.  

Mann responds to the hypothetical of Bobby Jindal's actions to Hurricane Katrina had he been governor at the time instead of former Governor Blanco.  He asserts that Katrina was overwhelming for everyone involved, state and national level.  

Sashika Baunchand shares her experiences in promoting condom awareness on the LSU campus in free speech alley.  

Mann discussed his opinion on Governor Jindal's recent prayer rally.  "It seems to me if Governor Jindal really wanted to pray for the state... why did he have to get one of the most loathsome groups to sponsor that rally."