THURSDAY: Jessica Jain, Faye Williams, Clay Young, Dietmar Rietschier, and David Melville



Actress and singer Jessica Jain joins the show to promote her upcoming performance at the Swine Palace.  She is a 2013 graduate of LSU.  Jain describes her first time driving onto LSU campus.  She said, "The trees spoke to me... does that make me sound crazy?"  She performs a song from an upcoming show.    

Dr. Faye Williams and Political Consultant Clay Young discuss the upcoming controversial visit of Reverend Jeremiah Wright to Southern University.  "It doesn't matter who the speaker is... Education should teach you how to think not what to think," Faye says.  "I personally don't think that any racially incendiary comments are helpful to anyone," Young says.

"It always seems to come down to a racial or poor people thing," Faye says of social security debates.  


Dietmar Rietschier joins us to recollect the Dresden bombings at the end of World War II.  He was two years old during the bombing, and his mother carried him away to safety.  He describes a fence his family had to climb over to escape the area being bombed.  "The intensity was such inside the city that the air was basically sucked in... like a hurricane."  

He remembers his mother fondly and the "little stories" she would tell him over the years.  

United Methodist Minister David Melville describes his experience running against John Fleming.  He remarks that retrospect has shown what little chance he had because of amount of money he did not have.  "Sometimes pastors are too naive, too passive," he says.  

John Fleming and Bill Cassidy announced his official support for David Vitter today.

David Melville is the director of Christ in the City.  

He feels that Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright goes "overboard."