WEDNESDAY: Allan Lokos, Rudy Macklin, Jay Dardenne


Author Allan Lokos comments on his book, 
Through the Flames: Overcoming Disaster Through Compassion, Patience, and Determination.  Lokos describes his experiences with meditation and how this helped him through his plane crash.  "Stress is a major enemy of the human body," Lokos continues, "There is no answer to 'why me' except why not me."  He says, "We had no idea the plane was going down until it hit the ground." 

Director Rudy Macklin on the Governor's Council on Physical Fitness & Sports joins us today at 4:15.  Macklin is LSU's leading career rebounder and second leading scorer. He turns 57 on February 19th, and he can still bench press his own weight.  

When asked if other public officials should be required to bench press their own weight, Macklin says, "Getting our public officials to do anything when it comes to eating right and being active is hard enough."

Macklin comments on the LSU v. Kentucky game.  13,997 people attended the game at the PMAC last night.  He says that LSU should be put down for the Final Four next year.  

He describes his own athletic career and shares his difficult experiences over the years.  

The 'Voice of the Tigers,' Jim Hawthorne, is stepping down this year. 

Macklin says that he decided to stay at LSU so he could "build something new."  He describes his recruitment with Dale Brown, and how unlike other coaches, Brown had lunch with his family.  "He was supposed to be recruiting me, but he was really recruiting my parents." 


Lieutenant Governor Jay Dardenne discusses his quest for governor and to succeed Governor Jindal.  Both men were graduates of Baton Rouge High.  

Dardenne comments on the budget cuts to higher education and the impact it will have on future students.  He expresses his support for keeping the TOPS program as it is currently.  

He was a Student Body President when Jim was a college freshman at LSU.  

The Lieutenant Governor hopes to see more scrutiny in campaign funding in the coming election.

Dardenne says, "I say to you very clearly.  I am running."  He continues, "Education is always going to be the biggest issue, and what exactly we can do to prepare Louisianians for the workforce."  He also clarifies he is for Common Core because "it is a standard not a curriculum."