TUESDAY: David Stewart, Tom Aswell, Joseph Califano, William Arp


Author David O. Stewart discusses his book, "Madison's Gift: Five Partnerships That Built America." 

Tom Aswell of LA Voice comments on the trials and tribulations of Governor Jindal.  Aswell expresses his doubt for the success of Governor Jindal in the upcoming presidential race.  

They discuss a recent article in the Louisiana Voice in which "Bobby is for immunizations but two years ago he discontinued health unit vaccinations for the poor."  

Aswell says he feels the budget cuts for higher education were planned, and that they are part of a process to privatize state schools.  69% of UNO athletic funding comes from the state.  A listener calls in to express his belief that athletics are put before academics in the state of Louisiana.  Jim says, "I think we should still have a university our football team can be proud of." The state budget is 1.6 billion dollars "out of bounds," Jim says.


Joseph Califano, former health secretary for President LBJ, comments on the inaccurate portrayal of LBJ in the recent movie Selma.  "I met him that first weekend on the White House lawn after coming back from the ranch," Califano says of LBJ.  He continues, quoting words of the former president to him, "What you learned on the streets of Brooklyn is a hell of a lot more important than what you learned in Harvard Law."

Califano tells the real story about the interactions of Martin Luther King Jr. and President Lynden B. Johnson.  He continues his description, calling the week in which MLK was shot, "the worst week of the Johnson presidency." 

Dr. William Arp gives his opinion on the visit of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, former spiritual advisor to Obama, to Southern University.  Jim questions if this is not the same issue as Governor Jindal's recent prayer rally at the PMAC.  Jim says, "Universities are the place controversial people speak."  Dr. Arp expresses the importance of bringing different points of views to universities.  

He calls President Obama "politically expedient" for disavowing Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  He continues, "After he <Reverend Wright> left the navy, he enlisted in the marines."  

They discuss the potential reaction of the students to the probable provocative things Reverend Jeremiah Wright will discuss in his speeches.  "It may incite the congregation, but I don't know the real impact it will have on college students," Dr. Arp says, "I teach philosophy.... This is just another philosophy the students will be exposed to, but I also think there will be a real spiritual presence."

Dr. Arp feels that the "splash by Rev. Wright" is absurd in the midst of more important issues and problems in Louisiana such as the budget crisis and the cuts on higher education.