THURSDAY: C.B. Forgotston, Bradley Beychok, Stephen Handwerk, and Gus Weill


Political Consultant C. B. Forgotston discusses the potential candidates for the 2016 Louisiana Governor's election.  "They want to think that when they qualify, it's divine intervention," he says of those who pray about running for political office.  Forgotston comments on the budget crisis and the public's cynicism in believing the extent to which the fiscal crisis has gone.  

Bobby Jindal stated on Morning Joe that the the total tuition and fees to attend LSU is under 10 thousand dollars.  

A listener comments that Bobby Jindal's tax cuts have done a lot more harm than good for Louisiana.

"I think legislators fear Governor Jindal," says Forgotston in response to the question, 'Is it better to be feared or loved?'  

Bradley Beychok of Media Matters comments on the recent scandal regarding Brian Williams, "I think it's strange to suspend someone for six months with the expectation of them coming back to the highest paid network."  Brian Williams had lobbied to be the replacement for Jay Leno.  

Beychok comments on Rush Limbaugh's conversation with Scott Walker, advising him to say he left college so as not to be accused of rape.


Democratic Party Executive Director Stephen Handwerk criticizes Governor Jindal for his incorrect statement about LSU's tuition and fees totaling under 10 thousand dollars.    Handwerk says, "I think the Louisiana Democratic party has a lot of soul searching to do."  

"Each one of those Republican candidates that are running... are all different shades of Bobby," Handwerk continues, criticizing all of Jindal's "failed" policies.  Jim asks how long it will take for Democrats to get back to where they were.  Handwerk responds, saying that Democrats are right on the issues but they need to work on their tactics.  

"I think the only way he {David Vitter} would know how to do that {form a coalition in Congress} is through fear." 

Political Consultant Gus Weill comments about how Scott Walker was asked if he believed in evolution.  "I do believe in it," Weill says, "but that doesn't preclude from me believing in God."  He tells a story about an interview with a heart surgeon.  

Jim asks why believing in a higher power is a prerequisite to run for political office.  Weill says, "It's simple.  It's because they {believers} are the majority." 

Weill describes writing his books.  "Discipline is more important than talent."  

"Looks do not elect anybody," Weill says, "but they do help... Jindal is a brilliant man, but we could hardly call him handsome."

"A movie plot was stolen from my book," Weill laughs, "and I never did a thing about it." 

"Bruce Jenner is an American tragedy," Weill says, "I think it {the claws of a woman} destroyed his manhood."