11/03 Tuesday: Bridgett Massengill, Cary Deaton, Kevin Kane, Glenn Guilbeau

Hour 1: 

Bridgett Massengill

Project Manager of THRIVE 2055 Bridgett Massengill from Chattanooga joins the conversation to talk about the citizen-lead, public-private endeavor in a tri-state area to encourage people to make the most of economic opportunities. She discusses the challenges she faces with a new automobile plant and what the future holds. 

Massengill is attending the Louisiana Smart Growth Summit. 

Cary Deaton

Democrat Cary Deaton, candidate for the governors election, who finished 5th in the primary, discusses the runoff election. He says he hasn't decided on a candidate he supports for the governor's election and has focused on the Lt. governor's race. 

Neal Gladner

Vice President of Sales for Louisiana Radio Network Neal Gladner joins the show to remember 23 years ago today, when Bill Clinton was elected President of the United State. Gladner was present on the chilly Tuesday night in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1992. 

Hour 2:

Kevin Cane


President of the Pelican Institute for Public Policy Kevin Kane discuss their research at the institute. Kane discusses the incarceration rate in Louisiana and how each gubernatorial candidate views the issue. There are about 40,000 people in prison in the Louisiana right now. 

Glenn Guilbeau

Sports writer Glenn Guilbeau chats about this weekend LSU-Alabama match up in Tuscaloosa. Guilbeau discusses why Tiger fans hate Nick Saban so much but says they need to remember how mad LSU football was before he was the coach. 

Guilbeau talks about the relationship between Les Miles and Nick Saban.