11/02 Monday: Lawyer David Vitter Campaign Admits to Spying On, Michael Jackson, Gubernatorial Election, LSU, and the Saints Game


Steve Knopper 

Steve Knopper is a contributing editor for Rolling Stone.  He shares his biography of Michael Jackson The Genius of Michael Jackson.   He describes Jackson's desire to have children and his lasting distrust within his own family.  

Julio Melara 

Julio Melara is the publisher of 225 Magazine.  He is partners with Rolfe McCollister.  The Magazine is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month.  According to Melara, the name of the magazine was a choice between 'BRinc' and '225'. 

John Cummings

John Cummings is a private Attorney from New Orleans.  He is also the owner of the Whitney Plantation, which he is transforming into a slavery museum.  Cummings is the lawyer reportedly targeted by the David Vitter campaign.  Cummings says he believes Vitter's private investigator was after the Sheriff of Jefferson parish.  


Trey Ourso


Trey Ourso is the former Executive Director of the Louisiana Democratic Party.  He is also the former Director of the Gumbo Pac.  He discusses the Gubernatorial election.  He also comments on the recent reports about the private investigator hired by the David Vitter campaign spying at the Jefferson Parish breakfast meeting.  

Alan risher

Alan Risher is a former LSU quarterback.  He comments on the Saints' win yesterday.  The Saints game yesterday broke the record of touchdowns in a single game set by New Orleans Saints Billy Kilmer and St. Louis Cardinals Charley Johnson in 1969.  He also speculates on the upcoming LSU game against Alabama.