8/30 Friday: Former Baseball Player Denny McClain, Gubernatorial Runoff, and the 2016 Presidential Election


Stephen Maitland Lewis 

Stephen Maitland Lewis is an award-winning British author and jazz aficionado.  He shares his latest book Botticelli's Bastard.  Lewis will be at the Louisiana Book Festival.  Botticelli's Bastard is "a mystery that deals with the relationship between a fine art restorer and the journey of an old master portrait of the 16th Century."   

Robert Maness 

Robert Maness is a retired colonel.  He also comments on the Gubernatorial election.  Maness is endorsing David Vitter, "It is the character of his policies... a constitutional conservative." Maness also says, "I think John Bel Edwards is a man of high morals."   


Denny Mcclain 

Dennis Dale "Denny" McClain is an American former professional baseball player. He played as a pitcher in Major League Baseball for ten seasons, most notably for the Detroit Tigers.  He comments on the World Series.  "This is the highest the game could get.  This is the epitome of baseball...every guy on that field is an all star," McClain says. 

Gus Weill 

Gus Weill is a well known author and Louisiana politico.  He discusses the Gubernatorial election as the runoff approaches.  He also comments on the 2016 Presidential election.