11/04: Engster predicts Edwards will win Governor, Louisiana Community Growth, Voter Turnout, and the Louisiana Gubernatorial Election


John Fregonese

John Fregonese is the President of Fregonese Associates, Inc.  He has been a planner for 37 years, building a reputation for his ability to energize communities around their shared vision.  Fregonese is in Baton Rouge to speak at the 10th annual Louisiana Smart Growth Summit held November 3rd and 4th at the Manship Theatre at the Shaw Center for the Arts in Baton Rouge. 

Albert Samuels 

Albert Samuels is the Chair of Political Science at Southern University at Baton Rouge.  He discusses the low turnout and comments more specifically on black voter turnout.  Samuels also speculates on the Gubernatorial election.  "The candidate with the most money and the highest name recognition... seventy-seven percent of people would rather someone else.  That's hard to overcome," Samuels says of Vitter. 


Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson is the State Representative for Bossier City, Louisiana.  He comments on the Gubernatorial election and expresses support for Senator David Vitter.  

Marty Mule

Marty Mule is a veteran sports writer for Tiger Rag Magazine.  He speculates on the LSU v. Alabama football game this Saturday.  He also comments on the Saints v. New York Giants game this past Sunday night.