11/19 Thursday: Syrian Refugee Crisis, Saturday's Gubernatorial Election

Hour 1:

Jason Berry

Louisiana journalist, Jason Berry, discusses the Syrian refugee crisis and the gubernatorial election. Berry's latest work is Fear of Syrian Refugees Inflames Louisiana Politics. Berry says we have more people who are being shot in movie theaters than terrorist attacks in the US. 

Scott Wilfong

Republican political consultant Scott Wilfong joins Jim in studio to discuss this Saturday's gubernatorial election. Wilfong comments on Gov. Bobby Jindal dropping out of the presidential election. He also mentions the progress of the republican candidates for Lt. Governor Jeff Landry and Buddy Caldwell. 

Hour 2:

Dayne Sherman

David Diamond

Political Consultant Dayne Sherman and Rev. David Diamond join the conversation to discuss their feelings on the gubernatorial race. Diamond supports Republican Senator David Vitter. Sherman says this is an election with an Army Ranger versus a hooker chaser. 

Diamond says the social issues should take priority over the financial issues when electing a governor. Sherman says the government's job is to do what the Constitution says.