11/18 Wednesday: Candidates for Lieutenant Governor, and the Louisiana Gubernatorial Election


Billy Nungesser

Billy Nungesser is the President of Plaquemines Parish.  He is also a candidate for lieutenant governor.  He shares his campaign message and his plan for improving Louisiana if elected.  "What better job could I ask for?  Louisiana is a sportsman's paradise," Nungesser says, "If I believe in something, I can sell it.  And, I believe in this state."  

Kip Holden

Kip Holden is the Mayor of Baton Rouge.  He is also a candidate for lieutenant governor.  He also shares his campaign plan and how he will better Louisiana if he defeats Billy Nungesser.  "The response has been overwhelming," Holden says, "I'm watching the words 'hope' appear in the eyes of many people." Holden also says he is backing John Bel Edwards for Governor. 


Lanny Keller

Lanny Keller is an editorial writer and columnist for The Advocate.  He shares his article 'The forgotten man in the 2015 race for governor.'   Keller shares his experiences "tracking" Edwin Edwards on his campaign in 1991.  He also comments on Governor Jindal's drop from the 2016 presidential campaign.  He says, "I suspect there was just very little financial support to someone who has not transmitted enough from the polls."