11/17 Tuesday: Greg Meriwether, The 2016 Economy, John Bel Edwards

Hour 1:

Greg Meriwether

Anchor and reporter with Baton Rouge's WAFB, Greg Meriwether, comments on last night's gubernatorial debate and the how Democrat John Bel Edwards and Republican David Vitter attacked each other. Meriwether says Vitter's strategy is changing, he's openly addressing his sex scandal. 

Loren Scott

LSU Economist Dr. Loren Scott predicts the price of oil gradually rising through the next few years. Scott says the supply of oil is falling. He says if oil prices stay where they are, that's bad news and isn't good for the state's budget. 

Scott says the employment rate in the state is flat. He says the next governor of Louisiana makes a huge impact on the future of the Louisiana economy, his focus is on growth.  Scott also discusses the minimum wage. 

Hour 2: 

John Bel Edwards

Democratic for Governor, John Bel Edwards, joins the show to discuss his position on the entry of Syrian refugees into Louisiana. He supports Jindal's letter sent to President Obama requesting more information on the refugees in the state.  Edwards also comments of last night's gubernatorial debate.  

Governor Bobby Jindal announces he is dropping out of the 2016 presidential election.