11/16 Monday: Louisiana Gubernatorial Election, Author John Pope, and Pollster Bernie Pinsonat


John Pope

John Pope  is the author of Getting Off at Elysian Fields: Obituaries from the New Orleans Times Picayune.  Pope worked as a staff writer at nola.com.  "An obituary is a story.  We're not doing lives of the saints," Pope says.  

Stephen Sabludowsky

Stephen Sabludowsky is the publisher of Bayoubuzz.com, a news and political website.  He is also an attorney.  He discusses the Gubernatorial election.  Sabludowsky says Vitter has a long way to go.  


Tony Guarisco

Tony Guarisco is a former Louisiana legislator.  He discusses the Gubernatorial election with pollster Bernie Pinsonat.  

Bernie Pinsonat

Bernie Pinsonat is a Louisiana pollster.  He discusses the Gubernatorial election with Tony Guarisco.