11/20 Friday: Louisiana Gubernatorial Election and Louisiana Politics


Mark Ballard

Mark Ballard is the Editor of The Advocate Capitol news bureau covering Louisiana government and politics.  He speculates on the outcomes of this weekend's elections.  

Karen Carter Peterson

Karen Carter is a Louisiana State Senator and Chairwoman of the Louisiana Democratic Party.  Senator Karen Carter Peterson represents New Orleans and parts of Jefferson Parish in the Louisiana State Senate.  She expresses her hope for a John Bel Edwards win for governor. 

Elbert Guillory 

Elbert Guillory is a Louisiana state senator.  He recently ran in the lieutenant governor's election.  He comments on the gubernatorial election this weekend.  "I don't see how anyone in Louisiana could vote for such idiocy," Guillory says of John Bel Edwards. 


Foster Campbell



Foster Campbell is an elected official, businessman and farmer from Bossier Parish.  He was elected to the North Louisiana seat on the Public Service Commission in November 2002, representing 24 parishes and nearly one million people.  He was re-elected in October 2008 with 78 percent of the vote.  Campbell now serves as Louisiana Public Service Commissioner.  Campbell supports John Bel Edwards. 

Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson is a Louisiana State Representative of Bossier City.  Johnson is a nationally recognized attorney and legal analyst who serves as Chief Counsel of Freedom Guard, a not-for-profit, public interest law firm that works to defend religious liberty, the sanctity of human life, and traditional American values.  He has been working for and through the Louisiana Legislature for more than fifteen years as an attorney, consultant, and contributing author of many landmark pieces of legislation.  Mike Johnson supports David Vitter for governor.