10/20 Tuesday: David Brock, George Sells, Tyler Bridges

Hour 1: 

David Brock

Journalist and Democratic political activist David Brock joins the conversation to discuss the attacks on Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. He also comments on his latest book Killing the Messenger

"In this incisive, personal account, Brock disarms the major tentacles of the Republican Leviathan: the Koch Brothers, the Clinton haters, and the Fox Noise Machine. With the acumen of a seasoned political player, Brock takes readers inside his Democratic war rooms and their 24/7 battles with right-wing forces for control of the story lines and messages that will decide the 2016 election. And he chronicles his own evolution from lead Clinton attack-dog to one of Hillary Clinton's fiercest defenders as he knocks down the conservative case against her."-Amazon

George Sells

Former television anchor George Sells visits the studio to talk about the governor's election. Sells says Republican candidate Scott Angelle made great points in the Raycom gubernatorial debate at the Governor's mansion last night. He discusses how the other candidates performed in the forum. 

Hour 2:

Tyler Bridges

Pulitzer Prize winner and journalist Tyler Bridges comments on the gubernatorial election and how he thinks the race will turn out. Bridges discusses Republican candidate David Vitter's prostitution scandal. He says Louisiana residents shouldn't be able to complain about leadership in the state if they don't vote. 

Bridges says Governor Bobby Jindal most likely wants Republican candidate Angelle to win the race. He says Jindal has played the role of the punching bag in the election cycle.