10/21 Wednesday: Gubernatorial Candidate Jay Dardenne, Lt. Governor Candidate John Young, EBR Library, and Campaign Manager for Scott Angelle


John Young

John Young is the Jefferson Parish President.  He is running for Lieutenant Governor.  Young shares his plans to improve tourism and how he will better the state if elected. 

Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely 

Critically acclaimed authors Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely have joined forces to write an explosive new novel, All American Boys, inspired by recent controversial events and the national firestorm over police brutality.  "In society, we might have this different experience, but in this book there is a shared space," Reynolds says on the different experiences of racism.  

Spencer Watts and Mary Stein 

Spencer Watts is the Library Director of the East Baton Rouge Parish Library.  Mary H. Stein is the Assistant Library Director at the EBR Parish Library.  Stein says, "Instead of 1000 a day, we have 1500 a day," on the foot traffic in the EBR Library.  


Jay Dardenne

Jay Dardenne is the Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana.  He is a Republican Gubernatorial cadidate.  He discusses his campaign and plan for Louisiana as voting is this coming Saturday. 

Ryan Cross 

Ryan Cross is the Campaign Manager at Friends of Scott Angelle.