10/19 Monday: Dyslexia, Gubernatorial Election, and BP


Laura Cassidy

Dr. Laura Cassidy is the co-founder of the Louisiana Key Academy, a public charter school focusing on children with dyslexia in East Baton Rouge and the surrounding parishes. She serves as President of the board.  Dr. Cassidy says that one in five people are affected by dyslexia.  

Clancy DuBos

Clancy DuBos is the owner of The Gambit.  He discusses the Gubernatorial election, the debate tonight, and the latest revelations about Senator Vitter.  DuBos also shares the Vitter update: inconsistencies come to life

Felicia Harry 

Felicia Harry is a board member of the 2014 LSU Legends Forum.  She discusses the annual party for the A. P. Turreau Louisiana Chapter of the NAACP for Homecoming week.  


Jeremy Alford

Jeremy Alford is the publisher and editor of LaPolitics.com.  Alford discusses the Gubernatorial election and the latest revelations on David Vitter. 

Steve Cochran

Steve Cochran is the Associate Vice President on Coastal Protection for the Environmental Defense Fund.  He discusses why the BP money should be spent on coastal issues.