10/12 Monday: The Gubernatorial Election and other Louisiana Elections and Secretary of State Tom Schedler


George Morris 

George Morris is a News Features writer for The Advocate.  Morris comments on the LSU v. USC football game this past weekend.  He commends the LSU fans for their hospitality which he "does not often see in SEC football games." 

Jim Brown

Jim Brown is the former Secretary of State and Insurance Commissioner of Louisiana.  He comments on the Gubernatorial election.  Brown gives his opinion on Senator Vitter, stating "if you can put away personal prejudice, he makes a good case."  Brown also goes on to express his admiration for Wendy Vitter.  


Tom Schedler

Tom Schedler is the Secretary of State of Louisiana, elected in 2011.  He comments on each of the four Gubernatorial candidates as elections are quickly approaching.  Schedler also discusses the problems of voter turnout nationwide and in Louisiana.