10/09 Friday: Gulf Coast Shrimpers, Gun Violence, Louisiana State Police, and The Hunting of the President Documentary


Clint Guidry

Clint Guidry is the President of the Louisiana Shrimp Association.  He discusses problems facing Gulf Coast Shrimpers.  The price of shrimp has been going down because of foreign shrimp markets.  Guidry says Louisiana has approximately 5,500 licensed fisherman.  

Lindsay Nichols 

Lindsay Nichols is an Attorney at the Law Center to prevent gun violence.  She works for Smart Gun Laws.  Nichols says that Louisiana is low on the list of states with smart gun laws.  According to Nichols, more than 100,000 people are affected by shootings every year and more than 30,000 are killed. 

Frederick Forsyth 

Frederick Forsyth is a world famous thriller author.  He shares his latest book, The Outsider: My Life in Intrigue.  The book is a collection of about 50 stories of his life told in an anecdotal format which he says are akin to a story he might tell "with friends after the wine has been poured."  Forsyth comments on his time in MI6 and what his role was. 


Tom Aswell

Tom Aswell is the publisher of Louisiana Voice.  He discusses the problems within the Louisiana State Police.  Aswell accounts two instances of sexual misconduct of an officer on duty.  He also shares an account of a lieutenant who was found guilty of abusing prescription drugs.  

Harry Thomasson 


Harry Thomason, a native of Hampton, Arkansas, was a high school football coach before entering the entertainment industry.  After six years of coaching, he started a small commercial production company in Arkansas that attracted national clients like Holiday Inn, GM and the United States Government.  Thomason then began making low budget features such as Encounter with the Unknown and So Sad About Gloria.  He is releasing and updated documentary of The Hunting of the President on Saturday at the Hotsprings Film Festival.  Thomasson is the Director and Screenwriter of The Hunting of the President