10/13 Tuesday: Dan Shapiro, Kris Millegan, Jesse McCormick, Donovan Jackson, Suzy Terrell, Gus Weill

Hour 1:

Dan Shapiro

Dan Shapiro joins the conversation to discuss his latest book Hot Seat: The Start Up CEO Guide Book.

"Author and four-time founder/Ceo Dan Shapiro tells the stories of dozens of startups whose companies lived and died by the advice in these pages. From inception to destruction and triumph to despair, this rollercoaster read takes aspiring entrepreneurs from the highs of billion-dollar payouts and market-smashing success to the depths of impostor syndrome and bankruptcy."-Amazon

Kris Millegan

Kris Millegan discusses this weekend's Lee Harvey Oswald Conference in New Orleans.  The conference will feature multiple speakers: Judyth Baker, Edward Haslam, Jim Marrs, Roger Stone, Daniel Hopsicker, and Robert Grogen

Jesse McCormick

Jesse McCormick with Driving Louisiana Forward joins the show to talk about voting for Amendment 1 and Amendment 2 to improve the roads in Louisiana. McCormick encourages everyone to vote yes to fix transportation problems in the state. 

Donovan Jackson

Volunteer Director for Volunteers in Public Schools Donovan Jackson chats with Jim about the organization. VIPS is a program to help improve public schools and anyone over 18 can volunteer. 

Hour 2:

Suzy Terrell

The first and only Republican woman elected to statewide office in Louisiana Suzy Terrell joins the conversation. Terrell says discusses the upcoming election and early voting. 

Terrell says women don't always vote for women. She also comments on Senator David Vitter's latest campaign ad featuring his wife, Wendy. 

Gus Weill

Political Consultant Gus Weill joins the show discuss about the presidential election. Weill talks about the energy Bernie Sanders is bringing to the democratic side of the election. 

Weill discusses how Playboy will no longer show completely nude photos.