WEDNESDAY: Tasha Clark Amar, Gus Weill, and David Duke


Chief Executive Officer Tasha Clark Amar joins us from the East Baton Rouge Council on Aging.  The oldest man in East Baton Rouge Parish is 107 years old.  Amar discusses their largest program, Meals on Wheels, which delivers food to homebound citizens.  To qualify as a senior citizen, you must be 60 years old.  

Political Consultant Gus Weill comments on drones, calling them, "cyber warfare."  He also comments on the upcoming presidential race.   Weill remembers the recent 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.



Neo-nazi, former Klan Grand Wizard, and former House Representative David Duke discusses the news on the recent rally which House Majority Whip Steve Scalise attended.  He refers to his year in prison for tax evasion in 1998 saying "there were baby rapists," in there with him.  "I guess I"m the only person in this prison for overpaying my taxes," he continues, "The worst thing you can call someone is racist."  

He comments on Steve Scalise, "This guy is a sellout... The difference between me and those guys {Steve Scalise and David Vitter} is that I didn't sell out."  

"I believe in black empowerment and their own schools and their own communities," Duke says, "Diversity is our downfall."  He continues, "They say whites are privileged... Our people {European Americans} are 20% of Harvard students... That's big time discrimination."  Duke says, "I don't feel at all an enemy of the African American race." 

Duke claims of his collective 500 million views on his youtube videos, "96% are positive."  

He calls on Steve Scalise to resign for being a "sellout."  "That's why the media hates me," he says, "because I haven't sold out." 

Duke got his PhD in Ukraine.  He comments on the Governor's stance on Medicaid. 

"The greatest mentor I have is Thomas Jefferson," Duke says, "George Wallace was also a man I admired a lot."  

"I want my children's children to look something like me and their mother," Duke says of an interracial marriage for his daughters.

"You think these black leaders don't have militants pacts?" Duke says when Jim asks why Duke wore a Nazi uniform.  

"I just might have to run against Steve Scalise.  I'm definitely going to consider it... He got elected on false pretenses," Duke says.   

He says of the KKK, "My Klan did not have a history of violence." 

Duke responds to a listener saying, "Goldman and Sachs Bank is one of the biggest criminal operations in the world." He blames the "multiracial society" of Louisiana for the state's high crime rate.  "Look what immigration has brought to Europe," Duke continues, "conflict and terrorism."

Dr. David Duke concludes with his legacy, "I'm a guy who has never betrayed his state, his constituency, and his country."