Thursday: Maxine Crump and Stephanie Grace


President and CEO of Dialogue on Race in Louisiana Maxine Crump comments on yesterday's conversation with David Duke.  "Your white skin has a pass," Crump says, of how people react to the effects of those inflicting racism.  "People who refer to their ethnicity along with American is just people referring to their ethnicity... People confuse ethnicity with race." 

A listener asked why blacks refer to themselves as "African-Americans" instead of simply "American." 

Jim asks Maxine Crump what she thinks of David Duke's statement "Diversity is our downfall."

Crump discusses Duke's statements about different people of different ethnics having their own universities.  "If they all poured into LSU, they'd be asked to assimilate," Crump says of Southern University students.  Crump continues, "We need to ask ourselves questions.  What's the problem with diversity?" 

A listener says that Southern University has segregated themselves.  

William Taylor joins the show to comment on The New Orleans Saints.  


Columnist Stephanie Grace of The Advocate discusses House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, Governor Bobby Jindal, and Senator David Vitter.  Grace also comments on Duke's threat to run against Scalise.  

Grace says, "I think David Duke has got to be loving this moment... with everyone paying attention to him."

Grace comments on the prospects of Senator David Vitter as the next governor and the comments by Duke on Medicaid.  Duke argued that Medicaid in Louisiana shouldn't only pay for those who don't have jobs and can't afford healthcare, but also the working poor.   

Grace says, "I agree David Vitter is the man to beat." She also comments on Governor Jindal's "no go zones," in an article she wrote.  

Stephanie Grace compares the pledge Republicans make to Grover Norquist to a "purity pledge." 

Michelle Southern recalls David Duke shirts among her classmates in elementary school.