TUESDAY: Rabbi Barry Weinstein and State Treasurer John Kennedy


Rabbi Barry Weinstein joins us to comment on the Governor's recent prayer rally and the Israeli Prime Minister's upcoming visit to the United States.  Weinstein gives a positive opinion on Jay Dardenne, the first Jewish state official in Louisiana.  

He remembers a tornado that took his synagogue in Omaha in 1965.  
Rabbi Weinstein says there are 12-15 synagogues in the state of Louisiana.

The Auschwitz prison camp was liberated 70 years ago today.  

Rabbi Weinstein asserts that he himself has never experienced discrimination for his religion. 

He affirms he did denounce David Duke when Duke ran for office in 1991. 

"Republican parties have been more friendly and empathic to the state of Israel.  I lament the current administration... I'm very proud of Israel, even with the weaknesses and mistakes," Weinstein says, "which we all have."  He also comments on the war in Iraq and the state of Palestinians in Israel. 

"What a marvelous rally it would have been if he would have said it was a rally for all religions and beliefs," Weinstein says of the recent prayer rally. 


State Treasure John Kennedy discusses Louisiana's budget.  "We have to look at our spending side first," Kennedy says, "I don't think taxes will solve our problems... People want discipline." 

The projected deficit for Louisiana for 2016 is over 1 billion dollars.  67% of the higher education budget has been cut over the past 7 years.  Louisiana universities are about 35% below the national average of spending per student. 

When asked if he is running for governor, Kennedy says, "I'm trying to work through and consider if, where, and how I can best contribute, but I haven't made a decision." 

"49% of all of the children born this year will be born into families where the mother is not married to the father" is the biggest problem in our state according to Kennedy.  

The Treasurer comments on the upcoming race for the governor and speculates about a potential presidential run for current Governor Jindal.  

Republicans hold 31 governor offices and the majority of said governors engaged in the Grover Norquist Pledge.