MONDAY: Ravi Howard, C.B. Forgotston, George Glass, Jeff Sadow, and Mark Ballard


Author Ravi Howard comments on his book, Driving the Kingabout singer Nat King Cole.  Howard is a recipient of the Earnest Gaines Award.  Howard says his interest in Nat King Cole began at a young age, "I took a tour of Montgomery when I was ten years old, and we saw his house and that was fascinating to me."  

Political blogger C.B. Forgotston discusses Governor Bobby Jindal.  Forgotston comments on the owner of the New Orleans Saints cutting out the Bensons.  He also discusses the budget revenue for the capitol.  "I expect him to be even less visible," Forgotston says of the prospect of Governor Jindal in the 2016 presidential race.  


Author and psychiatrist, Dr. George Glass joins us to discuss his new book.  Dr. Glass discusses how children of divorce feel and how this affects their relationships later in life.  "People who grew up in the 50s and the 60s say that their parents were unhappy the entire marriage, and it won't hurt their child if they have a happy parent."  Dr. Glass says of children of divorce, "Everybody wants to be special.  They all feel like they don't have a place."  


Dr. Jeff Sadow from LSU Shreveport defends Governor Bobby Jindal.  "Much of the rhetoric in the last six or so years has been very classed based trying to argue that those who are more advantaged aren't doing enough."  Sadow also comments on the Governor's prayer rally.  He asserts that the Governor is trying to occupy the space of the "social conservatives."  Dr. Sadow thinks this rally will not hinder any votes for the Governor.

A listener comments, "politicians need to be politicians, and preachers need to be preachers," regarding the Governor's recent prayer rally.  

Capitol Bureau Chief for the Advocate Mark Ballard to discuss the budget for the coming year.  The Advocate is the number one newspaper in Louisiana.  

"I think we are past the point where we think we can make cuts to higher education and have the results we want,"  Ballard says.  "How can you run for president when you are unpopular at home?"