MONDAY: Ara Rubyan, Nicolas Kariouk, Andrew Levy, Ben Jones, and Kevin Cope


Ara Rubyan joins the show from the Jewish film festival to share the films that will be shown and comments on Jewish culture.  "Quality Balls: The David Steinberg Story" will be shown at 1:30 on Sunday.  Rubyan also comments on the attacks in Paris.  

Nicolas Kariouk who grew up in Paris comments on the recent attacks.  "Ironically, one of the policemen that was killed was Muslim."  Kariouk continues, "The common sense is always to abstain from incendiary statements." 

Andrew Levy joins the show to discuss his book "Huck Finn's America." 

In the past 60 years, Huck Finn was the most taught book after the Bible and Shakespeare's works.

Levy says, "I think reading old newspapers is a great way to get a real sense of what America was like without any illusions." 


President of Canada Energy Partners Ben Jones comments on the depressed price of oil and gas and their effects.  Jones says, in the long run falling oil prices mean, "stable government, prosperity, less war," but for those in the oil industry, "pain."  The price per barrel for oil has gone down 50%.  For the last four years, domestic oil production in America has increased by 80%.


President of LSU faculty Kevin Cope discusses the potential $300 million cut in education spending and the implications in higher education.  30% of LSU's budget would drop if the $300 million education cut is made.  That's $90 million.  "When you take that much money out of the education system, you end up with a system that is corrupt... a glorified madrasa."  Cope also comments, "I won't be at the prayer rally next week unless it's at the head of the protestors."