FRIDAY: Judy Norton, Tom Aswell and Jeremy White, Sidney Garmon, Dr. Steve J. Cromp, and David Diamond


Judy Norton joins Jim to discuss her experiences with the television series, "The Waltons." "The cast really is my second family.  We stay as close was we can."  In response to how she was bullied in school, she said, "When I walked down the hall, the kids would go, 'Goodnight, Johnboy.'"  She was an avid skydiver for nearly a decade.  

Political blogger, Tom Aswell, and Publisher of Red Shtick Magazine, Jeremy White join the show to discuss the world at large and crime in Louisiana.  White says, "Bobby Jindal: He'll run America like he ran Louisiana."  Aswell replies, "Don't scare me."  

White comments, "As a follicularly challenged person," he admires warden Burl Cain's hair. 


Sidney Garmon from Louisiana Coalition for Alternatives to the Death Penalty discusses Louisiana's relationship with executions.  Garmon says, "Mr. Ford's exoneration last year certainly gives Louisiana time to reflect."  She also says, "It's nice to think our judicial system is totally infallible, but unfortunately that's not the case."  It has been five years since Louisiana's last execution.  Since 2010, there have been 11 death sentences which is an 82% decline.  Garmon says, "Our state could save millions of dollars if people were sentenced to life without chance of parole than execution." 

Pastor David Diamond and Rev. Dr. Steve Cromp join Jim to discuss the Governor's prayer rally later this week and the attack in Paris.  Pastor Diamond says, "We really moved far, far away from what America stands for.  There used to be a God consciousness." 

Diamond responds to a listener's question on abortion, gay marriage, and adultery, "I've been accused of hating homosexuals.  I don't hate anyone.  I hate sin... Homosexuality is an abomination." 

Rev. Dr. Cromp says of the attack in Paris, "These acts parallel closely to the young men in our nation who shoot up schools.  It has very very little to do with Islam." 

Rev. Dr. Cromp attests to his belief in the many different interpretations of scripture to which Pastor Diamond replies, "You're so confused you can't even make up which one is right." 

"I think we probably got another 2,000 atheists since our conversation today," says Rev. Dr. Cromp.