09/26 Tuesday: Les Arbuckle, Paul Beston, Faye Williams, Darrell Glasper

Hour 1:

Les Arbuckle

Les Arbuckle, author of Saigon Kids: An American Military Brat Comes of Age in 1960's Vietnam, is Jim's first guest today and talks about his latest book. 

"The early Vietnam war years through the eyes of a U.S. military brat: In May of 1962, Naval Chief Petty Officer Bryant Arbuckle flew to Saigon to establish a new Armed Forces Radio Station(AFRS). Next to follow were his wife and three boys, Leslie among them. Saigon Kids is the candid, recondite slice of fourteen-year-old military brat Les Arbuckle’s experience at the American Community School (ACS) during the critical months of the Vietnam War when events would, quite literally, ignite in downtown Saigon."- Amazon

Paul Beston

Author Paul Beston chats with Jim about the great boxing legends. 

"For much of the twentieth century, boxing was one of America’s most popular sports, and the heavyweight champions were figures known to all. Their exploits were reported regularly in the newspapers—often outside the sports pages—and their fame and wealth dwarfed those of other athletes. Long after their heyday, these icons continue to be synonymous with the “sweet science.'"- Amazon

Hour 2:

Faye Williams & Darrell Glasper

Darrell Glasper.jpg

Democrat E. Faye Williams and Republican Darrell Glasper both join the conversation from Washington D.C. to discuss the controversey of NFL football players kneeling during the national anthem.