09/25 Monday: Burt McCollum, Clarence Buggs, Kenny Havard, Jim George

Hour 1:

Burt McCollum

Bart McCollum.jpg

President and COO of AmeriFlex Burt McCollum joins guest host Leo Honeycutt to discuss the Graham-Cassidy Healthcare bill. 

Clarence Buggs

Talk show host on Baton Rouge's Talk 107.3,Clarence Buggs, switches gears and chats with Leo about the NFL protests over the weekend. During Clarence's morning show, he says many people were not upset that the players were protesting, but upset with the way they protested. 

Hour 2:

Kenny Havard

St. Francisville Rep. Kenny Havard joins the conversation to discuss cutting state tax dollars for the New Orleans Saints after multiple players refused to stand during the national anthem. 

Jim George

Retired attorney Jim George also comments on the NFL and players sitting or kneeling during the national anthem.