9/12 Tuesday: Joey Strickland, Mike Steele, Bill Bryan

Hour 1:

Joey Strickland


Strickland will discusses the many and varied services available under our state department of veterans services to Louisiana veterans, and what the need is. We hear from the field, how much money our offices bring into the state each year connecting veterans with a vast variety of veterans’ federal benefits, and the increased number of deployments of Louisiana soldiers that are coming this year and in the months ahead.

Hour 2:

Mike Steele

Mike Steele.jpg

Steele discusses post-Irma recovery, and what happens in statewide post-storm response at this stage in the immediate days after the storm, what specifically Louisiana is doing to help Florida, like many of our leading first responders being there in Tallahassee helping Florida coordinate its response, all the power trucks headed that way from our state, and some really encouraging information on all Louisiana has done to help Harvey’s survivors, including how our Governor’s suggestions to improve FEMA’s Shelter At Home program are going to be helping Harvey survivors now. 

Bill Bryan


Bill Bryan, a BR Blues Foundation Board Member, joins Julie in studio to talk about the 2017 Blues Gala on October 1st.