09/11 Monday: Leanne Clement, Jay Grymes, Jim Crane, Butch Browning, Chris Ferrara, Hunt Downer, Mike Foster

Hour One

Leanne Clement


Leanne Clement was here to talk about tomorrow night's "Drama Queens" opera with BR impresario Lisette Oropesa. Leanne Clement graduated from The School of Music at Louisiana State University, where she received her Doctorate of Musical Arts and her Master of Music degrees in vocal performance.

Jay Grymes


Jay Grymes is the Chief Meteorologist for WAFB. Grymes talked with guest host Leo Honeycutt about the aftermath Irma and, current state in Florida and the peak of hurricane season being over. He also discusses how a hurricane forms. 


Jim Crane

Jim Crane is a State Farm Insurance Agent and joined Leo Honeycutt to talk about the importance of having food insurance in Louisiana. 


Hour Two

Chris Ferrara, Butch Browning and Hunt Downer 


Chriss Ferrara, Fire Marshall Butch Browning and Major General Hunt Downer were on air to talk about the 16th anniversary of September 11th and Louisiana's response to the tragedy. Louisiana was the first state to deliver a firetruck to help the effort. Chris Ferrara's company headed the building of the truck.

Mike Foster



Former Louisiana Governor Mike Foster joined the conversation on the 16th anniversary 9/11. Foster was governor during the September 11th attacks and served as governor from 1996-2004.