08/02 Wednesday: Jasmine Heiss, Kristie Overstreet, E. Faye Williams, Darrell Glasper

Hour One

Jasmine Heiss

Jasmine Heiss is the Director of Coalitions and Outreach for the Coalition of Public Safety. She discussed their "Champions of Justice Reform" campaign and addressed incarceration and how to break the cycle and help prisoners get their lives on track.


Kristie Overstreet

Kristie Overstreet is a sexologist, sex therapist and counselor among other things. She works with many different types of clients of all sexualities and transgender people. She spoke about Donald Trump's transgender ban in the military and other topics.

Hour Two

E. Faye Williams and Darell Glasper 


E. Faye Williams and Darrell Glasper talked about day 195 of Trump's presidency and his plan to do away with Affirmative Action on college campuses.