08/01 Tuesday: Sam Karlin, Jerry Stovall, Denny McLain, Roy Fletcher

Hour 1:

Sam Karlin

Staff reporter at the Daily Report chats with Jim about a legislative audit into land bought on Bluebonnet Blvd. and Jefferson Hwy, in Baton Rouge. Developer Radu Cosman purchased the property for only $10,000 from an auction by the City-Parish. 

Jerry Stovall

Former LSU football coach and player, Jerry Stovall, joins the conversation to discuss the rebranding of the Baton Rouge Sports Foundation. He also comments on the serious health consequences concussions have on football players during and after the careers. The American Medical Association has recently been studying the dangerous effects of head injuries in football and other contact sports. 

Hour 2:

Denny McLain

Former professional baseball player with the Detroit Tigers, Denny McLain, calls into the show to chat about the MLB. McLain compares today's pitchers to pitchers in his generation. He also remembers and discusses the 1967 riots in Detroit. 

Roy Fletcher

Political Consultant Roy Fletcher joins Jim in studio to chat about the Trump presidency. Fletcher also comments on Anthony Scaramucci's short time as the White House Communications Director.