06/08 Thursday: Mark Ballard, Dr. Everett Piper, Darrell Glasper, Dr. Faye Williams

Hour One

Mark Ballard

Mark Ballard came on the air to comment and provide more updates on the session; today was the last day of the session in Louisiana. 

Dr. Everrett Piper

Dr. Everett Piper is an American university administrator and the President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University. Dr. Piper came on to disucss his article "This is not a Daycare, " in which he claims college students are being coddled on today's campuses. 

Hour Two

Darrell Glasper and Dr. Faye Williams 

Darrell Glasper and Dr. Faye Williams, went toe to toe on the air, to debate the testimony of James Comey, former FBI director. Darrell Glasper is representing the right and Faye Williams is speaking for the left.