06/07 Wednesday: Leo Honeycutt, Matt McDonald, Smiley Anders, Sean Robbins

Hour 1:

Leo Honeycutt

Leo Honeycutt joins the conversation to give listeners an update on what's going on in the last two days of the 2017 legislative session. He comments on tax reform and the renaming of the Louisiana School for Math, Science and Arts to the Jimmy D. Long Sr. Louisiana School for Math, Science and Arts. Leo also gives an update on his latest books. 

Matt McDonald

Matt McDonald with Businesses United for Interest and Loan Deductibility chats with Jim about the organization and their hopes for tax reform in Congress. McDonald say BUILD Coalition's goal is to preserve the interest deduction part of taxes. He says small businesses benefit the most from this deductability. 

Hour 2: 

Smiley Anders

The long-time distinguished Metro columnist for the The Advocate, Smiley Anders, joins Jim in studio to chat about his 30 plus years was a writer and remembers Dean Martin on what would be his 100th birthday. 

Sean Robbins

Sean Robbins, the Secretary Treasurer of the Louisiana Sportsmen's Coalition, chats with Jim about the troubles anglers face with access to waterways. Louisiana law allows for some property owners to claim ownership of flowing water, hindering recreational fishing in certain areas.