04/06 Thursday: Winifred Reilly, Sheldon Hirsch, Mark Ballard, Jason Allen, Gene Reynolds, Melanie Bronfin and Kristen White

Hour One

Winifred Reilly

Winfred Reilly is an author and joined Jim to to discuss her latest work, It Takes One To Tango. The book examines how in an unhappy marriage, all it takes is one of the spouses to take that extra step to repair the relationship. 

Dr. Sheldon Hirsch

Sheldon Hirsch joined as the second guest and not only is he a doctor but an author. He latest book is Hot Hands, Draft Hype, and DiMaggio's Streak: Debunking America's Favorite Sports Myths, which he discussed on the show. He also the other of another sports novel. 

Mark Ballard

Mark Ballard returns to give his take on the Governor John Bel Edwards and his trip to Washington about flood relief in Louisiana. 

Jason Allen

Jason Allen came in studio on behalf of the International Film Festival. The festival will take place at Perkins Rowe from April 20-23. 

Hour Two

Gene Reynolds


Representative Gene Reynolds (D) came on the air to talk about his proposal for a new TOPS plan. He proposes that the GPA should be raised to a 3.0 instead of the current 2.5. 

Melanie Bronfin 

Louisiana Policy Institute for Children director Melanie Bronfin, came on the air to advocate for more money to be invested in early childhood care. 

Kristen White

Kristen White is a 21 year old senior at LSU and on the executive board for the Minority Women's Movement. She came on to talk about TOPS, Alton Sterling and offer a young perspective on the world today.