04/05 Wednesday: Governor Calls from Washington, Raymond Jetson, Amy Shively Hawk


Gov. John Bel Edwards

The Governor calls the show from the airport in Washington, DC.  Gov. Edwards talks about his meeting with the congressional committee about receiving funding for the historic flood last year and addresses Congressman Garret Graves.

Raymond Jetson

Jetson joins the show to talk about the Urban Congress.  Jetson describes an event this Saturday, April 8 that will solidify the Urban Congress in the Baton Rouge community and help the black community prosper.


Amy Shively Hawk

Shively's stepdaughter Amy Hawk--whose mother Nancy ultimately reunited with and married Shively in a triumphant love story--and based on extensive audio recordings and Shively's own journals, Six Years in the Hanoi Hilton is a haunting, riveting portrayal of life as an American prisoner of war trapped on the other side of the world.