02/28 Tuesday: Brandon Sneed, Tim Vos, Troy Hebert and Leo Honeycutt

Hour One

Brandon Sneed


Brandon Sneed is an author and journalist based in North Carolina. He has had articles published in publications like CNN, GQ, ESPN, etc. His book Head in the Game: The Mental Engineering of the World's Greatest Athletes was published today on February 28th and he discusses it on air.

Tim Vos


Tim Vos is an associate professor and chair of the journalism studies faculty at the Missouri School of Journalism. He is a research coordinator the Journalism School's Global Programs office. Vos discussed the media, democracy and Trump's first address to Congress.

Hour Two

Troy Hebert and Leo Honeycutt



Hebert and Honeycutt go on air to discuss Trump's first address to Congress happening tonight on February 28. Leo Honeycutt is a veteran journalist and Troy Hebert is a former Senator and supporter of Donald Trump.