02/27 Monday: How Trump Won, Col. Rob Maness, Rep. Dee Richard, Oscars Mistake


Larry Schweikart

Larry Schweikart is one of a group of politicos called "the Deplorables."  In How Trump Won, Schweikart and co-author Pollak tell Trump's whole incredible story; from the early poll predictions of "the Deplorables" to the campaign trail to Election Night.

Rob Maness

Col. Rob Maness joins the show to talk about the Louisiana Spirit of America Rallies. In these rallies citizens gather in support of President Donald J.Trump's America. Maness announces the next rallies.

March 3rd at 11:30 AM - Monroe, Louisiana. Location: Walnut & Louisville Ave, Lea Joiner Bridge
Facebook Event Link

March 4th at 12:00 noon - Northwest Louisiana. Location: Bossier Parish Courthouse Grounds, 204 Burt Blvd, Benton LA 71006 Facebook Event Link
March 4th at 1:00 pm - Baton Rouge. Location: Steps of the State Capitol
Facebook Event Link


Rep. Dee Richard

Rep. Dee Richard joins the show to talk about the special session and the use of the rainy day budget.  Richard also acknowledges the importance of Mardi Gras in South Louisiana.

Jessica Jain

Jessica Jain is a New York City Based actress, singer and writer. She graduated from LSU with her MFA.  Jain joins the show to talk with Jim about Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway's mistake at The Oscars.